2022 Marketing Guide for Roofing Business

What’s the best marketing strategy to advertise your roofing company?

While billboards and newspapers are a good choice nowadays, definitely digital is a must for every business, so if you are looking to start your own roofing business or to grow your roofing business a good start will be digital.

But wait, you have to be smart when it comes to digital, as you may know, consumers are not the same as years before. So consider the next insights:

  • Consumers want to get the right information for what they are looking for
  • Consumers don’t want to spend too much time looking for what they want
  • Your roofing business is not the only one in the area, consumers will compare price, quality, social proof
  • Display the price or give a fast quote helps your client to make a decision faster

Where is a good place to start?

To be fair there are many platforms right now, to choose the best you have to know your audience. Thinking for roofing business here is a checklist that will help you to start:

  • Optimized Website
  • Google My Business
  • SEO Roofing Strategy
  • PPC Roofing Campaign
  • Facebook Business Page

Yes, it sounds simple but it is not. This little checklist is just to start and involves at the same time many tasks that take time. So be ready to start.

How to use Google to get more clients for your roofing business?

As you know people are not looking in Yellow Pages or newspapers anymore, when it comes to looking for a product or service they are more likely to search on Google. Yes, Google has at least 80% of the worldwide searches, Google over the other search engines is the winner.

So if you are asking yourself “How to take advantage of Google for your Roofing business” then follow the next steps:

Create an outstanding website

Focus on the user experience and be clear on everything, every service needs to have a page and explain the product or service, try to be clear on what you offer, include a clear call to action.

Keep in mind that a structure of a website needs to be clear on what you offer and at the same time attract the consumer to contact you so there are key points that your website needs to accomplish:

Custom Design

Think about your website as your local store, would you enter if your store has just one red banner with your phone number? Maybe right … Now, what happens if just in front there is a store-branded that clearly offers the same product or service, displaying prices and services, which one would you prefer? The answer is clear and that’s why you need to get a website that is not only good-looking, it has to be clear and help your audience understand what you offer.

Contact Information

Ok, now that you have a website that is good-looking and describes your services, don’t forget to include your contact information. You need to show your contact information not only at the top of your website but also in the content and at the bottom of your website. As you want to offer the best information to your clients include:

  • Business Hours
  • Office Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Call To Action

This is so important because when a potential client goes into your website, they are trying to connect with you and remember that nowadays people want to get their job done as fast as possible. So include a form where they can connect with you or a quote calculator that helps them to connect with you and at the same time get a quote.

Value-Added Content

Here is a key point that could help your business to stand out from the others and the reason is simple if you provide enough information and at the same time your potential customers have the right content they are more likely to contact you.

For example, if your potential customer wants to get their gutters replaced but he hasn’t decided which is the best option for him, then it is a good idea to include information about the options available, prices, images or even videos to help him decide the best option. Here it is important to notice that it is not just random videos or images, you need to include value-add content and that is the difference between other businesses. The more your content helps your customers, the more leads will get to your business.

The difference between just content and value-added content is the question: How does it help your customer? If it is just an image of the finished product, then maybe it helps him to get an idea of how it looks. But if it is a review video that shows your product and its highlights and shows the prices, then it is a more complete solution and yes it helps your customer more than just an image. This can be a blog post on your website, content is not just video or images. Content is any piece of information that helps your customer to know and understand your product or service.

Remember that selling is not anymore just to offer a product or service is to help your customer find the best solution for their needs.

Set up your Google Analytics

Measuring your results is important because it helps you to know what is the best path to follow for your business. The measure helps you to make important decisions, get new opportunities, improve your business and improve your content.

So if you track your website with Google Analytics and you notice there are people outside your service area, then it may be an opportunity to open a new location. If you notice your audience is not interested in certain products or services, then you should check if the service is not necessary by itself or if your audience doesn’t have enough information about it.

So as you can get, Google Analytics can help your business to grow by giving you real data from your audience to make decisions.

Track your conversions on Google Analytics

Track your conversions make you understand how your audience connects with you, how engaging your content is to your audience, what is the best option for them to connect with you. Not only that it helps you to understand if you are targeting the right audience. So as you can see, tracking your conversions and micro-conversions helps you to understand the process of your audience and help your business to deliver better content and a better experience to engage with your audience and get more leads.

Setup your Google My Business

One of the most important things you have to do is this because nowadays Google has discovered that people look for business around unless there is no other option or they are going to travel otherwise they are willing to connect with local businesses. So Google My Business is a game-changer when it comes to local business.

Get 5-star reviews

Notice that there are no better recommendations than the ones from satisfied customers, and this is important because it talks about your business. When potential customers look for a product or service it is really common that they are likely to check your business ranking and not only that, they will compare with other businesses like yours.

A bad review can become a good review

When you receive a bad review it is important to notice that the way you manage it will make it a bad or a good review. So if your business receives a bad review and your answer helps your customer to solve the problem then it is not a bad review, instead, it talks about how your business deals with it and how open is your business to help your customers.

Set Up a roofing SEO Strategy

Ok, then you have a website but it is useless unless possible clients get on it and more importantly they start making conversions (Quotes, phone calls) to your business, to do that you definitely need to identify terms that attract the most relevant consumers to your website and other digital assets.

Local SEO for Roofers

As a local roofer business, you need to rely on Google My Business and Google Maps to rank on local search results. As you know consumers are looking to connect with local businesses, and that’s why your business needs to show up in the Local Map Pack. To show in the Local Map Pack it is important that the information in your Google My Business matches the information in your website, consistency is important.

Local Business Citations

Local citations help your website to rank higher on the search results, that’s why you need to cite your local roofing business on most of them. You can think or hear about directories like Home Advisor or others like Better Business Bureau in fact there are countless other platforms for NAP citations. The goal is to claim as much as you possibly can and at the same time consistency is important to get better results.


NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number and is a really important player when it comes to outstanding your business in the local search results, it has to keep consistent over all of them otherwise Google algorithm understands it is not related to your business or is another business.

Local Business, local page

When it comes to businesses that offer service to more than one city, city pages help your business to rank on geolocation search queries. This means that if your potential customers are looking for  “best roofer”, google will try to locate your customer and print on at the top the best local business that matches the search. So if a person is looking for “best roofers in Vancouver” is the same as the person who lives in Vancouver and is looking for “best roofers” or “best roofers around me”.

The best strategy you can follow when you are building your website, your social media, your marketing strategy is to think like your customer. You can add some extras if you are looking to rank on a certain platform or search engine but if you think as your customer you have at least 80% of the work done.

Going back to a roofing business that can give service to multiple locations is better to have a page for each of the locations, also it is important that every page give information about that location like hours of operation, phone number, office address, services provided in the location and all the information possible about.

Product or Service pages

If your goal is to rank higher on Google or any other search engine then you have to target more keywords and more keywords mean more content, yes! More content so you need to describe each of your products or services even if you mention them on the home page or the location page, remember you want to target what people are searching for and match it with your content.

Describe your product or service, its highlight, prices. For this task, you can also video or images that helps your audience understand more about your product or service.

To get a better understanding of this is not the same if you search for “metal roof installation” as “cedar roof installation” or even better is not the same as “cedar roof maintenance”. Even if you provide a list of services or products if you want to rank higher for a specific product or service you need to describe it as much as possible.

For products or services answer the following questions:

  • What do you offer?
  • What is the most important highlight of your product or service?
  • How does it help your audience?
  • Does your product or service earn a badge from an industry authority?
  • How does it work? Try to use simple steps to describe how to use it or how it works
  • What are the highlights of your product or service?
  • In which locations your product or service is available?

Write a Frequently Asked Questions Section

Write a FAQ section for each of your products or services, focus on your customer’s most common questions and go deep, please go deep! This is really important because the way you answer what looks like a common question is the way you can help your customers and at the same time will help you to rank on google.

A basic example of Frequently Asked Questions for the page “Roof Maintenance” could be the following ones:

  • What are the advantages of Regular Roof Maintenance?
  • What do roofing inspectors make?
  • What is the importance of regular roof maintenance?
  • What is Roof Repair Services?
  • What are the 3 signs that I need roof repairs?
  • What are your summer roof maintenance checklists?
  • What is the importance of a well-maintained roof?
  • What does a roofing contractor do for installing?

Remember to answer each question with a complete answer, guide your potential customer to understand your product or service and how it helps to solve their problems.

Set up a PPC Campaign

Yes, if you are looking to get leads as fast as possible to run your business or grow faster then this is the path you should take. Google Ads is known to drive fast and reliable results, but nothing comes free and nowadays Google Ads has become expensive so be smart.

Are Google Ads worth it for your roofing business?

The answer to this question is not easy but let’s try to get it. As you know Google Ads is expensive and depends on many factors, is not the same to target New York as to target Texas so to answer this question you need to know the cost per acquisition. So to answer this question first you need to understand ROI, CPA, CLTV, Average Ticket.

What is the definition of ROI?

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. ROI tries to directly measure the amount of return on a particular investment, relative to the investment’s cost.

What is the definition of cost per acquisition?

CPA measures the total cost to acquire a single paying customer for your business. So if your business goes online and pays $5 per click and you can track that every 10 clicks you get a quality lead then your CPA at this point is $50. But you can take it to the next level so if you measure and notice every 4 leads you get a new customer then your CPA is $200.

Why Does Cost Per Acquisition Matter?

CPA is so important to understand if any marketing effort is working for your business and can tell you if the price you are paying to get new customers is high or not. Let’s get back to the example, if you think at this point paying $200 to get a new customer seems high but at this point, you don’t have enough information to resolve if you continue or stop.

What is the definition of an Average Sales Ticket?

The average sales ticket is a metric that provides details on the average amount of sales per customer. Statistically, the average ticket is computed as the mean size and is calculated by adding total sales over a specified period of time and dividing by the number of customers.

So now you can calculate the average ticket, back into the example the average ticket is $2,000.

What is the definition of Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer lifetime value is the total worth to a business of a customer over the whole period of their relationship. It’s an important metric as it costs less to keep existing customers than it does to acquire new ones, so increasing the value of your existing customers is a great way to drive growth.

So at this point, you can calculate and notice that for example the average customer comes back at least for the next two years and every year spends at least $2,000. This means that your ROI is $6,000 and you only spent $200 to acquire a new customer.

Focus on high buyer intention keywords for roofers

At this point you have a better understanding of your budget, now you need to focus your money on keywords that get more business to your business. Target specific keywords, remember that is not the same to target the keyword “roofers” as “roofers near me”. When you select your keywords get in your customer shoes, think like your customer:

  • Keyword: Quality roofing
  • Customer: Your customer is searching for roofing options, is looking for quality but the buying intention is halfway.


  • Keyword: Metal roof installers near me
  • Customer: Your customer is searching for a specific service in their area, target this keyword will get you a customer with higher buying intention

Set Up a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is the technique of serving ads to people who visit your website or take action like filling a form. Be smart with this campaign and measure every micro and macro conversion during your customer journey so you serve the best ad. This means that you can have at least 3 types of remarketing campaigns:

General Visitor Remarketing Campaign

Focus on getting into their minds, being there whenever they need is the most important part of this type of campaign. This is because your customer hasn’t made their choice and can take a few days, weeks or months to do it. The time to make a final decision depends on many factors but one of them is the buying intention they come from so if your PPC campaign is designed to get high intention buyers then it will take less time.

Micro Conversion Remarketing Campaign

At this step, your potential customers had taken action to get your product or service, it can click on the phone number, fill a form, add to cart or any other action more than just visit your website so it’s time to get them something more attractive to get them back and finish the conversion.

Retargeting Remarketing Campaign

Now is time to increase your Average Ticket and your Customer Lifetime Value, so you know that they have already purchased a new roof, you have installed it and the job is done. But wait there, your job as a business is not finished. You have to set up a campaign for all these customers at 6 months from the date the installation has been completed to book a maintenance appointment. As you can see there is more work to be done, but you will not only increase your average sales ticket and your customer lifetime value, you will also bring better service to your customers.