SEO Workshop For Business

In this SEO Workshop you will be able to learn how to increase website traffic to your business, more visitor and of course more customers to your business.

    What is SEO and why you to know it?

    Today ranking on the #1 page of google is the right opportunity to get more clients, that's why is so important to improve your Google Ranking.

    Who need to know SEO?

    Company and Business Owners

    Get tangible results:

    • Understand how Google ranking works
    • Understand how Google My Business is one of the most important keys to SEO
    • Learn how to use Google organic search to get more clients
    • Understand what happens behind your website.
    • Get your website works for your businees.
    • Generate more clients targeting the right keywords for your business.

    Marketing Professionals

    Take advantage of the best market opportunities:

    • Help your clients to boost their website ranking on Google
    • Learn how to explain SEO to your clientes
    • Understand the foundation and advanced techniques for SEO
    • Learn how to track your improvement.
    • Learn the best techniques and tools to get your clients to the #1 page of Google.

    Marketing Students

    Take the first step to your dream job:

    • Get experience with real businesses
    • Give your CV the necessary experience to stand out from other professionals.
    • Enter one of the areas with the greatest development of digital marketing.
    • Make your way to the leading companies.

    What are the main benefits of taking a SEO for Business Workshop?

    The program and facilitator take students from beginner to expert level, providing the knowledge and practice to get the results that matter to your business.

    • Learn about key aspects of SEO.
    • Learn how to improve you Google My Business profile to be more visible
    • Effectively optimize your website to rank on Google.
    • Drive website visits, get more phone calls and increase traffic to your website.
    • Learn the right techniques to improve you google ranking.
    • Learn how to search the right keywords and how it can affect your google ranking.

    SEO For Business Workshop Program

    • Foundation
    • Pillars of SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Targeting
    • Competitors Research
    • On-Site Optmizations
    • Google My Business
    • Off-Site SEO
    • Link Building
    • Blog Outreach
    • Media and Press
    • Technical SEO
    • How to track your steps
    • Google Analytics Basics

    How to increase website traffic to my business?

    This is a very common question for many business owners, once you know 80% of the search queries will show organic results and more important that most of customers will click only on the first rank websites, is not simple to answer but in this SEO Workshop we provide with all the tools to understand how it works and how you can improve your website to show on the first page of Google.

    If you want to improve your website ranking, you need to know that link building is a key factor today. In simple words link building helps Google to understand how you website interacts with other websites

    How does link building works?