Pay Per Sales Service

Pay only for results, let us become the sales area from your business. With proven record of sales we will become your best partner.

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What is Pay Per Sale Service?

If you don't want to worry about the sale process of your company but want to increase your sales at the same time, then this the perct solution

In our Pay Per Sale Service we take all the hard job of sales from attraccion, processing, organization and convertion leads to real sales for your business

And the best part is you pay only for real results, no more impressions or useless clicks

How can I get into Pay Per Sale Solution

If you are interested on this service, please contact us. Our team will start by doing an assesment for your business to see if this service can apply to your business

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Wny replace my sales team?

  • Save lots money on money
  • We standarize your sales process
  • We have alway have a replacement commercial rep, so you don't lose any potential client
  • You will get a full sales team that will focus on your company
  • Save Money in Continuos Sales Training, we training continuosly your sales team in new sales techniques, sales trends, closing sales and more.

Who will be my sales team?

Your sales team will actually consist of 4 teams:

  • Customer prospecting - This team is responsable to do all the first contact with possible customers for your business
  • Content - This team will be responsable to generate all the content that will be released on your sales channels
  • Sales Team - This team will be responsable to close all the deals for your business, managing every aspect of the process from the quote to the final sale
  • Reporting - This team will explain you in detail what happen with your business and what's going to be the plan for the next months