How to set up the content for your product

When you are trying to get content for your product page is important for you to answer specific questions, get in your customer’s shoes and be ready to answer their questions.

So where do we start? The answer is simple there are specific questions you need to answer:

How do your customers are looking for your product?

What product do you offer?

Keep it simple, this is just the title of your product but at the same time be smart with this, this can be the first hook and also will help your customer to know they are in the right place, so if they are looking for “Red Nike Shoes” and land on your page but the title is “Sports Shoes” then it’s highly possible you get a high bounce rate.

What’s the most valuable highlight of your product?

Think about this like a subtitle or small description that will help your customer to understand your product in just a few words, try to describe your product as much as possible. You can use some of your product’s highlights to hook with your customer and remember you have a few seconds to get their attention.

What’s the call to action you want for your customer?

Now you have your customer’s attention, now you need to give him the path to get in touch with you, buy your product, call you or just get a quote.

When you think about this part of your landing page, you have to think about the easiest way your customers can connect with your business. If the process to get a quote or connect with your business is too complex then it can happen that you will lose a great number of potential customers and remember, every customer has a cost per acquisition so if you lose 1 you are losing money. So how you can get

What’s the hook for your product?

If your potential customer has come to this part then they need more information to make a decision and here is the part of your product landing page where you give them enough reasons to take action and connect with your business or buy your product.

How does your product help your customer?

When you figure what is going to be the content for your landing page, this is the most important question. This question will help you to find out how your can help your potential customers to drive them to a conversion. For example, you are selling perfumes, then you need to ask yourself: How does the perfume help me as a customer? The answers for this question could be more than one but once you find out you will have the path to drive more customers to the right answers and drive more conversions to it.

What are the highlights of your product?

Call the attention of your customer by highlighting the key features that are the product’s unique selling points, this will invite your customer to a more in-depth exploration of your product. Is important that your highlights have images, icons and a small description of each of the highlights, also you can use a link to go to a bigger description of each of your product’s highlights.

Use icons to help your customers understand your product highlights

Nowadays one of the things users are looking for is to get the information they are looking for, but they don’t want to be looking for the information on your product landing page. Here is where you can use icons to show a function or highlights of your product and help your customer understand them easily.

Images and videos are a must in your product’s landing page

When you are trying to communicate there is no better way than using images that helps your customers to understand what your products can offer.

Using videos is another technique you can use to connect with your audience, videos will not only help you to describe functions or highlights of your product, also will help and improve your online presence.